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Meet in the Morning at The Lowry

Happy hours have long been a great tool to build comradery and promote teambuilding outside of the office. By stepping away from their cubicles, coworkers have the opportunity to get to know each other on a personal level…and adding alcohol into the mix generally helps the bonding process. After work happy hours, however, can get monotonous and it’s not always easy to find a new and exciting spot to sample discounted drinks. That’s where The Lowry comes in.

Food Trucks Keep Everyone Smiling, Including Planners

If food service at meetings and events was anything like the social hierarchy of a high school cafeteria, then food trucks would definitely be the cool kids’ table. While the humble box lunch or the ho-hum plated meal stand by on the sidelines, food trucks have been soaking up plenty of attention—and lots of positive buzz. Increasingly, this urban-hipster meal choice is making an appearance at meetings and events of every shape and size, right here in the North Star State.

Hotel Restaurants Embrace the Foodie Movement

You can't beat the convenience of a hotel gathering. Aside from the obvious perks of combining event space with overnight accommodations, food is now one of the best parts of booking a stay. Hotel restaurants have evolved, embracing a locavore attitude in the menus. While each of the following hotel restaurants offers private dining space, you don’t have to limit your number of attendees thanks to the proximity of boardrooms and ballrooms on the properties.

Cafes Bring a Boost of Energy to Any Meeting

Nothing wakes a meeting up quite like a steady supply of coffee. More and more cafés around the metro are making it easier to combine business with drinkable pleasure by offering meeting spaces. These five venues not only accommodate your co-workers, they also offer Wi-Fi, full beverage menus and reasonable rental fees. Pick a location, add pastries, and soon the ideas will be flowing like fair trade java.

Sexy Vegan Food at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills

Last week the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills hosted a poolside cooking demonstration to celebrate the launch of some new additions to the Cabana Restaurant menu.  As waiters circulated with samples on silver serving trays the press in attendance (myself included) swarmed for every bite. Here’s what makes this surprising: those nibbles didn’t include the usual high-end fare of caviar or glistening slices of sashimi. There were no Kobe beef sliders or lobster wontons.

Brunch Blends Versatility and Fun at Morning Meetings

BRUNCH, IN OUR OPINION, is the best (and most important) meal of the day. Not only is it a treat, as it happens only so often, but there’s something for everyone. Be it pancakes for those craving something sweet or eggs Benedict for those fancying something a bit more savory, brunch caters to every person’s desires. Host your next event amidst syrup, coffee and bacon at one of these mouthwatering Twin Cities restaurants, and guests surely won’t be disappointed. Especially when mimosas are involved.


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