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The Places


Best Springtime Activities to Do in Minneapolis

Spring is here and that means no more hibernating! Celebrate the snow being gone by getting outside and seeing all Minneapolis has to offer. There is something for everyone, whether you are looking to get your blood pumping or just to relax and simply be outside, this is the city that has it all. Here are some of the top activities to try around Minneapolis:

1. Rent a Bike and Explore the City

Loring Social Debuted in Style

Loring Social, a delightful mix of a New York-style loft and a historical venue, recently held an open house to show off its space to meeting and event professionals.

Guests were treated to complementary valet parking and greeted at the door with prosecco and sparkling water. As you walked through the entrance, the elegance of the space was accentuated by numerous chandeliers hanging throughout the venue.

Beyond the Border: The Condado Vanderbilt Hotel

The Vanderbilt, located on the Atlantic coast in the Condado District of San Juan, Puerto Rico, makes a solid argument for not leaving the property: Some of the best food on the island is served on-site at a variety of restaurants; pool lounges feature butler service; and a spa sanctuary offers Puerto Rico’s only private Hammam, a water-focused treatment with ancient purification rituals.

The Importance of Positive Site Visits

Over the summer I was given the opportunity to join the TSTS Tech Summit in Cancun. It was the first time I had travelled for work - outside of internal company trips - and the first time I had ever travelled to Mexico. In anticipation of the next TSTS event in Dallas, I’ve been reflecting on the trip, the positive experience I had, and what made the conference so successful. I’ve narrowed it down to one major thing: the attention to detail at all of our site visits.

Hotel du Village Reopens after Renovations

Hotel du Village captures the beauty and romance of the French countryside and places it squarely in the charming and creative hamlet of New Hope. It’s long been a New Hope landmark, beloved by visitors and residents, many of whom spent Thanksgiving dinner around a table at the hotel’s restaurant, so it was naturally met with curiosity when Hotel du Village was sold in 2013.


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