The Places

The Places


Bowling for Team-Building

Looking for an easy-going, one-stop location for a fun team-building activity? Invite your staff to a corporate event held at a local bowling alley. Bowling has shifted from an individual competition to a group affair that promotes team-building. Contrary to individual bowling, group bowling utilizes teams by having everyone add their scores together and compare that against the other team’s cumulative score. This motivates each team member to work together and succeed during the event.

What Makes a Special Occasion

"The day you open a ’61 Cheval Blanc, that’s the special occasion," Maya (Virginia Madsen) says to Miles (Paul Giamatti) in Sideways, one of my favorite movies about California. Miles had been holding onto the treasured bottle for so long while he waited for a special occasion he was afraid it might go bad.  I thought about that line when I dined at Canela Bistro in San Francisco’s Castro district with my good friend, Paul.

The Great Outdoors

The State Fair is just around the corner, leaves are officially starting to fall from the tree in my front yard and I'm clinging to every last drop of summer. For me, summer makes me crave seafood and so this year I've made it my mission to visit as many outdoor dining options I can and none of them have been a disappointment.

A Tasting with LA’s Only Water Sommelier

When I sat down at a table at Ray's & Stark Bar, the acclaimed restaurant on the plaza at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and saw five empty glasses lined up at each place setting, I knew it was going to be a night of heavy drinking. And it was.  But there was no risk of a hangover or improper behavior. What was being poured was nothing more intoxicating that good ole H20.  Along with about a dozen other members of the press, I had been invited to a water tasting.

Summer in the City

It's no secret that it's hot outside. For as much as we complain about the below zero temps and how amazing it'll be once it reaches the 90s, the reality of it comes back and slaps us in the face and we complain even more. Seriously, we can't win. However, that doesn't mean that I'm going to hide and let the heat win. 

There are two kinds of events I love to attend in the summer- outdoor movies with food trucks and music festivals. Recently I've had the opportunity to go to both and had a blast.


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