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The Production

-The Production-
BY Anthony Diaz


Flipbook Fun Turns The Page On The Traditional Photo Book

Looking for a fun keepsake to feature at your next event? Look no further than Flipbook Fun, or as owner Jon Cermin likes to call it, “60 seconds of animated fun.” Guests are recorded dancing in front of a screen for seven seconds and then the video is converted into a 60-page flipbook. A team of three can crank out one flipbook per minute. All that’s needed to accommodate the photo area and printing station is a 10-foot-by-10-foot space, and access to electricity and lighting.

Signature Drink: BET Neat

There’s a new premium vodka in the Twin Cities, and it’s distilled entirely from sugar beets. Local founders Jerad Poling and Ben Brueshoff worked with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) to craft the first-of-its-kind BĒT Vodka. “BĒT’s ingredient is not from the deep-red vegetable that grows locally in garden plots; rather, it’s the white-tan sugar beets grown on 430,000 acres throughout Minnesota,” says Poling. “Working with the farm cooperative has given us an appreciation for sugar beet history in Minnesota as the No.

Signature Drink: The Commodore

The restored Commodore Bar and Restaurant, St. Paul’s Art Deco-gem that first opened in 1934 and closed in 1984, reopened to the public in October 2015. The full-service restaurant, bar, cocktail lounge and banquet venue crafted a signature drink in honor of the iconic Commodore Hotel in which it resides. The Commodore features an artisandistilled bourbon from 45th Parallel, a Wisconsin distillery.

How to Personalize Your Designer-Inspired Office Space

Who doesn’t love designer items? They are chic, luxurious, well-made, but expensive. Within recent years, more and more designers have been offering office accessories to help personalize your workspace. But dropping $30 on designer paper clips may not be the best thing for your wallet. Here are various items to help make your office space look designer, but at a fraction of the cost. Enjoy!

Office Lamp:

Signature Drink: Lela's London Calling

Bloomington’s newest restaurant on the scene—Lela—prides itself not only on its prime steaks, seafood crudos and handmade pasta, but also its craft cocktails. Creator of the London Calling, Leigh Allan, corporate food and beverage director, Wischermann Partners, wanted to highlight gin in this signature drink and use flavors that both complemented and balanced each other. “We chose the Ransom Old Tom Gin, which has a perfect balance of aromas and flavors,” says Allan.

Signature Drink: Balsamic Beet Cocktail

This drink was originally developed for a small private party, who requested an earthy fall menu for their in-home dinner. They knew they wanted something more savory than sweet, so between the beets and the hint of balsamic vinegar, this was the perfect match. Beets have been incredibly popular for the past few years, but I love that this drink showcases them in an unconventional way.”

—1 part beet juice
—1 part carrot juice
—2 parts sweet vermouth
—3 parts bourbon

Fab Floral Trends for Fall

Fall is a great time of year to experiment with different floral designs. Here are our three favorite trends for autumn 2015.
1. Textured Pieces: Unusual elements such as succulents, feathers and staves make floral arrangements more linear and dynamic. Foliage is also an important factor in creating more textured bouquets, while incorporating more stems adds a fun and contemporary flair.


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