• Take Your Event to the Next World with a Psychic Reader

    Mystical Experiences

    FROM THE Winter 2018 ISSUE

You’ll only pick up good vibes at events featuring WildFlower Mystical Entertainment. The company started in 2002 and grew into a multifaceted production company, offering services like fire dancing, belly dancing, henna tattoos, children’s classes and, of course, psychic readings. 

“The first thing everyone does after getting a psychic reading is tell the people around them what happened,” says WildFlower, the company’s owner and creative director. “The more relaxed the participants of a corporate event are and the more fun they’re having, the more productive they are.”

WildFlower Mystical Events works to create a positive and inspiring atmosphere at every event. WildFlower recalled a recent wedding where the bride and bridesmaids shared a moment together in the gypsy tent that was part of the WildFlower display. “We want to elicit an inspiring experience because that is what deepens connections,” says WildFlower.

Nestled on the banks of the Mississippi River, this city boasts an outdoor scene that rivals any in Minnesota.


Bonus: Meetings and events professionals never have dull meetings!