Venue Report

Venue Report


Twin Cities Venues Offer Sweeping Views of Natural & City Scenery

It's always nice to attend an event at a venue that has an appealing atmosphere and good food. It’s even nicer when there’s picturesque scenery to boot. And, Minnesota being the beautiful state that it is, it’s no surprise that the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” is home to a number of locales that provide just that to meeting and event attendees.

Windows on Minnesota

Relive Yesteryear in a Minnesota Historic Venue

Minnesota may be known as the "Land of Lakes," but it could be referred to as the “Land of Historic Sites,” as well. From Grand Rapids to the Twin Cities to Red Wing, there is a cornucopia of historic venues in state that recall the days of yore. The following are 10 renowned spots that will take you back in time.

St. James Hotel, Red Wing

Neighborhood Cafe, Co-op Creamery Opened

Don’t let the name fool you; the new Co-op Creamery might sound like it’s serving up everything dairy, but walking in you are greeted with the scent of coffee, baked goods, and the season.

After months of watching construction through small holes in the paper covering the windows, the Creamery opened in August, during Seward’s Open Streets. Located on Franklin Avenue, just a few blocks down from the Seward Co-op, the Creamery is well positioned to become a stop before or after visiting the Co-op.

Catch Wind of Lake Minnetonka's Venues on the Water

When summer finally comes to our state, it seems all Minnesotans have one common goal: to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible until the weather turns cold. For those in the Twin Cities, taking advantage of those three short months of great weather often means heading up north to a cabin, but there’s another option much closer to home.

New Venue Spotlight: Salsa a La Salsa

There’s a new patio in town—Salsa a La Salsa in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis opened its doors in January, and the patio will be available as the weather allows (with heater lamps to elongate patio season). The space holds about 150 people and can be rented out privately to groups with different package options for food, depending on the group’s need.

Get Back to Nature With These Pastoral Minnesota Gems

Farm-to-table was so last year. Now, instead of just clamoring for farm-fresh food at mealtimes, city folk want to visit rural locations for meetings and events. In farmland all over Minnesota, barns have been spruced up and modernized, ready for a new era of rustic-style occasions (with plenty of modern touches).

The Barn at Dunvilla, Pelican Rapids

New Venue Spotlight: Surly's Destination Brewery

At Surly’s new Destination Brewery, which opened in December, you can’t get a pint of beer. “We have really nice tulip glasses—the proper glassware for Surly,” says Dawn Kuehl, event center coordinator. Located in southeast Minneapolis—off the Green Line—Surly’s new digs feature a public Beer Hall on the first level and large event space and full-service restaurant headed by Jorge Guzman from Solera on the second.

Minneapolis Convention Center Opened New Craft Bar and Lounge

The Minneapolis Convention Center is home to many things: WEC 2014, cheerleading competitions, job fairs, Northern Spark, and much more. Now, the Minneapolis Convention Center is home to the newest bar in downtown, the Craft Bar and Lounge. The venue, which is located on the balcony of the new Visitor Information Center in the main lobby, was a collaboration between the Minneapolis Convention Center, Kelber Catering, Meet Minneapolis and the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild.


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