• Elevate Your Office Party in Five Steps

    FROM THE Fall 2013 ISSUE

    Five Ways to ElevateYour Office Party- The nitty-gritty on spicing up work events.  

Good office parties attract more clients, more prospects and more good vibes for your business. At Spyglass Creative, the number-one goal for our parties is to capture the same energy and imagination we put into our work.

To help you elevate the "fun office party" from oxymoron to amazing, here are five Spyglass-proven ways to throw a party that’s more exciting and less blah.



  • Dream up a theme and send an inspired invite. Parties need a raison d’être, and it all starts with a party theme and creative vibe. Think up a theme and create a design and some clever copy to surround it. Send the invite at least one month in advance, and follow up with a call to select clients to ensure the party date stays hot on their radar.



  • Have a few tricks up your sleeve. Everyone likes a surprise or two. Teach your guests to expect the unexpected. We’ve had llamas, bagpipes, stilt walkers, giant puppets and even fire-breathers at our parties. A little wow will inject your party with a sense of memory-making spontaneity and provide great photo opportunities.


  • Start at the door. Then send them home with something more. The minute guests enter your party, hand them some party "bling" that dials up the energy. Also, make sure to send your guests home with a clever thank-you gift. Anything branded that stirs good memories long after the party is good for business.


  • Create a signature drink. Your company has a signature style, so why not a signature libation for the evening? A specific cocktail helps reinforce your brand or party theme. The Spytini has become a staple concoction for us. It features our signature Spyglass orange and definitely gets the party spirit moving in the right direction.


  • Follow up with pictures and video. Be sure to chronicle your party with pictures and video. People love to see themselves and others having a good time. Best of all, posting video and picture galleries from your party gets people to re-engage with your brand weeks after the event.


You don’t need to spend a bundle or travel too far outside of your comfort zone to have a positive impact. Just remember that your party is more than a chance to say "thanks" to your clients, it’s an incredible opportunity to reinforce what makes you different.

- Molly Rice

Molly Rice is president and founding partner of Spyglass Brand Marketing, an integrated brand marketing agency based in Minneapolis, that opened in 2001. For more than 20 years, Molly has helped leading companies around the world sharpen their brands, break into new markets and launch new products. The annual Spyglass Holiday Party, now approaching its 12th year, is a legendary event that draws hundreds of guests, many from out of town.

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BRACE YOURSELF—this is going to hurt a little. Tough love always does. 


It was a normal day in the office on September 26, 2013 until my phone rang and a confused exhibitor was on the line. This exhibitor had received a phone call and email from a company representing itself as our housing bureau for one of our upcoming events. Aging Services of Minnesota did not contract with this housing reservation company nor did we supply this company with contact names. In fact, our room block and event registration materials were not published yet.