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    How to Plan with Pinterest- One expert pinner shares her handiest tips and tricks.

    POSTED May 31, 2013

As owner of Belle Noelle Events + Design, Pinterest is my go-to in the beginning planning stages of any one of my events. You may find this useful site to be a handy little tool for your business, as well. Check out my tips for using Pinterest to plan your next event:

Invite Collaborators
Inviting your team to the board you’ve dedicated to a specific event is a great way to gather everyone’s ideas in one place. Don’t worry if it starts looking like a jumbled mess-you can edit later.

Encourage the Client to Pin
Most of my clients love to be involved in the process, but may not know how to convey their vision in words. Invite them to pin, and you will start to see a pattern in color palettes, centerpieces, styles or themes. All of the details will become increasingly clear to not only you, but also your client as the board comes together.

Don’t Bookmark, "Pin It"!
When you sign up for Pinterest, you get a neat little "Pin It" tool to use wherever you are on the Web. Remember to make use out of this as you research ideas for the event. As you roam the Internet looking for vendors, products or décor for the event, forget the bookmark tool- just "Pin It!"

My favorite way to do this is to comment on the pins featured on your board in a question/answer format with collaborators. Will this color scheme work or not? No. Is this a viable idea? Yes. Do you like this centerpiece? Maybe. This helps you figure out which pins should stay, and which need to be removed.

Present to the Client
Depending on the scope of the event and my client’s needs, I will typically present a vision board along with budget and timeline details. For the analytical client, I will pull all images from the Pinterest board into a PowerPoint presentation. For the aesthetically challenged client, I may put together a physical presentation board. For my clients that can easily visualize their event, I simply pull up the pinboard, go through the images with them to verify all elements and firm up other details.

Using Pinterest to help plan events has been a wonderful tool for my company, and I truly hope my experience with this fantastic online site inspires you to take advantage of all it has to offer your business.

Good luck, and happy pinning!

- Casey Nowelle Bahl 
Belle Noelle Events + Design is a boutique event styling and planning company located in Minneapolis. Principal Designer/Coordinator and founder

Casey Noelle Bahl’s specialty is applying her background in interior design to create unique and one-of-a kind event experiences for weddings, corporate events, fundraisers and parties.

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