• Gifting Company Minny & Paul is Minnesota Grown and Fueled by Local Talents

    Minnesota Made

    FROM THE Fall 2018 ISSUE
  • Gifting Company Minny & Paul is Minnesota Grown and Fueled by Local Talents

    Minnesota Made

    FROM THE Fall 2018 ISSUE

The next time you’re scouring the stores looking for the perfect gift—the kind that says a little more than “it’s the thought that counts”—consider supporting one of the many local talents and independent shops gracing the Twin Cities. 

“There are so many beautiful, high-quality goods being made right here in Minnesota,” says Laura Roos, curator and founder of the Minnesota-bred gift box company Minny & Paul. “I wanted to celebrate those makers and make their products more easily accessible. I set out to curate beautiful gifts that people would be proud to give and feel such gratitude when received.”

All products featured in Roos’ various gift boxes come from the dozens of local brands and artists Minny & Paul collaborates with. Even the boxes carrying the products are made in Minnesota. “Our birch wood box is hand - crafted by WAAM Industries out of St. Louis Park and our new canvas [bins] are made by a company based in Northeast called byrd & belle,” says Roos.

Customer product favorites include the Leather Works Minnesota coasters featured in the “Rustic Box,” a Woodchuck bottle opener and Turkish towels from KISA. “We’ve also just relaunched one of our most popular boxes called ‘Good Vibes,’” says Roos. “It includes a lovely laven - der and clary sage calming balm from Lulu Organics, a handmade brass dish with palo santo incense from Arlee Park and a spirit rock from A MANO. I’ve been using the brass dish and incense every evening since I got my hands on them.” 

While Roos endorses her own products, she also advo - cates for the overall support of local creators. “We work hard to ensure our core values come through in every aspect of our business—community, quality, integrity and design thinking,” says Roos. “It is very important for us to celebrate our community of talented makers and share their story with customers.”

To catch a glimpse of Minny & Paul in action, visit their studio on the first Thursday of every month when they open their doors.

Any planner knows that reliable Wi-Fi and networking opportunities are necessary, but here are 10 equally crucial elements for executing successful meetings and events.

1. CLEAR OBJECTIVE Attendees need to know what they’ll gain from the event, and speakers need to know what to prepare for. Once you determine the objective, run all decisions regarding the event through that filter: Do the chosen speakers and breakout session topics all contribute to achieving your event’s purpose?


→ 2 oz. London Dry Gin
→ 3/4 oz. raspberry syrup*
→ 3/4 oz. lemon juice
→ egg white
→ Angostura bitters

Place all ingredients into a shaker. Shake without ice. Add ice and shake hard. Double strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with three drops of Angostura bitters.

* P.S. Steak’s team adds grains of paradise, rose and other botanicals to its syrup.


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