• Head upstairs and outside to some of the finest rooftops and patios in Minnesota

    FROM THE Spring 2016 ISSUE

    Stryker’s Lookout, moto-i’s rooftop patio, can accommodate 100 guests seated or 200 standing.

  • Head upstairs and outside to some of the finest rooftops and patios in Minnesota

    FROM THE Spring 2016 ISSUE

    Thanks to its removable glass-enclosed roof, The Union Rooftop is open year-round.

  • Head upstairs and outside to some of the finest rooftops and patios in Minnesota

    FROM THE Spring 2016 ISSUE

    The fifth-floor Skydeck at Stella’s Fish Café can accommodate 50 guests seated or 70 standing.

Spectacular rooftop views abound in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. From the very tops of restaurants, hotels and event centers, visitors enjoy sights such as skyline glimpses and picturesque lakes before, during and after private events. With a charming atmosphere on an outdoor patio included for good measure, the following are six local spots with views that take your breath away.

Union Rooftop, Minneapolis

Imagine enjoying a scrumptious dinner with snow falling all around you.

That is what you get during the winter inside the stunning Union Rooftop in downtown Minneapolis, the only year-round glassenclosed rooftop in Minnesota.

“It’s snowing all around you and you’re in a nice, heated 72-degree glass atrium,” General Manager Mike LaGuire says. “It’s literally like you’re inside of a snow globe. All we have to do is push a button and the glass roof closes. If it’s a nice summer day but it starts raining, we just shut the roof. It takes about four minutes to close.”

The Union Rooftop is on the third floor of a building that also includes the Union Bar & Grill and the REV Ultra Lounge. The rooftop offers incredible views—from the theater district to the IDS Center to Target Corporation. It can accommodate 140 guests for a seated event and 300 for a standing affair. The firstfloor restaurant can host up to 100 for a private event, the nightclub 250.

Lowell Inn, Stillwater

A beautiful, private-garden setting is what you get on Lowell’s outdoor patio, which is located directly behind the Lowell Inn in Stillwater, a small boutique hotel that has two restaurants.

Open generally from May to October and used mainly for private events, the back patio, made of stone, has a gorgeous hill in the rear that is made up of trees, wildflowers and bushes. Vines adorn the brick Lowell Inn, and two exquisite fountains in the backyard—one on the patio, one on the hill—stand out.

“It’s a very serene setting,” General Manager Alex Rojas says.

The patio can accommodate 75 guests for seated events and 120 standing. Four indoor event spaces can host from 10-220.

A’BULAE Broadway Rooftop, St. Paul

“Instead of designing the event around the building, we designed the building around the event.”

That is the mantra of A’BULAE, Minnesota’s first fully integrated event space that brings together people, events and state-of-the-art technology.

Located in St. Paul’s Lowertown Historic District, the beautiful loft-style venue overlooking the city is topped off by the spectacular A’BULAE Broadway Rooftop. “From the rooftop you can see the downtown skyline, the State Capitol, CHS Field and the bluffs of the Mississippi,” says Sales Manager Jenna Zamjahn.

The rooftop, which is closed during the winter but can still be used for photos and a cocktail hour, can accommodate 400 guests for seated events and 500 for standing affairs. For indoor private events, the Saints Ballroom can host 500 guests for a seated dinner and 750 standing. A’BULAE also has a spacious Capitol Lounge with a sleek Onyx bar and lounge furniture. The Wall Street Lounge and Park Lounge are also great breakout spaces that can accommodate 10 guests each. The conference room can hold up to 16.

moto-i Stryker’s Lookout, Minneapolis

moto-i in uptown Minneapolis is the only sake brewery in Minnesota and, outside of Japan, is the very first sake brew pub connected to a restaurant. And the great thing about moto-i is that you can enjoy a glass of sake on the beautiful Stryker’s Lookout, moto-i’s third-floor rooftop patio that overlooks Lyndale and Lake Avenues and offers a stellar view of the Minneapolis skyline.

Stryker’s Lookout, which is closed during the winter, can accommodate 100 guests for a seated event and 200 for a standing affair.

Indoors, which includes the restaurant and main bar on the first floor and another bar on the second, there are two private spaces—one that can host up to 85 guests, the other up to 35.

“We also offer brewery tours and sake tastings,” says General Manager Katie Muller.

SkyDeck at Stella’s Fish Café, Minneapolis

SkyDeck is the crown jewel of Stella’s Fish Café, a popular, contemporary seafood restaurant in the heart of Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood that takes up all five stories of the building that houses it. Located on the roof—the fifth floor—Stella’s SkyDeck is used mostly for private events and is actually the second level to the rooftop, as there is a fourth-floor main patio with regular seating.

“From the SkyDeck you get an amazing view of the whole Uptown area,” says Events Manager Nicole Turner. “You can also see Lake Calhoun.

The SkyDeck is unique in that it’s the highest point that you can sit outside in Uptown.” The SkyDeck, which is available from May to September, can accommodate 50 guests for seated affairs and 70 for standing. Three event spaces indoors can host from 30-200.