• Meet Justen Pohl, Jumping Through Hula Hoops

    FROM THE Winter 2018 ISSUE

    Justen Pohl turned his skill for entertaining a crowd into a successful business.

When was the last time you had an aerial bartender at your event? Or disco ball contortionists? What about a 500-gallon mermaid tank? If you didn’t know these were even options, you haven’t met Justen Pohl, founder and director of Enticing Entertainment

“Entertainment is the No. 1 thing that’s talked about at an event or remembered,” says Pohl, who recently won the 2017 Esprit Award for Best Event Filmmaking (Videography) for its Cirque Holiday Extravaganza.

Pohl owes his success to a hula hoop, who first tried it about 10 years ago. The lifelong Minnesotan became so skilled in the art that people asked him to perform at their events. While touring solo nationwide, he befriended performers in the circus community and learned aerial arts and acrobatics. When he returned to the Twin Cities, he started recruiting artists he met to create over-the-top spectacle events. 

Realizing there was a need for showstopping performances, he left his real estate career behind and founded Enticing Entertainment in 2014.

Pohl finds that when clients first work with him, they ask for a magician, balloon twister, or other relatively tame entertainment option. When Pohl presents the plethora of performers he has at his disposal, clients get inspired and opt for more daring options. 

“We have clients that totally want to go overthe-top crazy, maybe a little bit more risqué and then we’ve got certain clients that are extremely conservative,” Pohl says.

Entertainment certainly isn’t an “afterthougth” anymore. “I feel like Minnesota is getting a little more adventurous,” says Pohl. 

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