• Meet Sydney Wolf, A Clear Vision

    FROM THE Fall 2018 ISSUE

    A firm understanding of her own goals has pushed Sydney Wolf to the top of her game.  

Not everyone follows a straight path to their career destination, but for Sydney Wolf, the goal was always clear. “I always knew I wanted to plan events,” says Wolf. “I sought out hospitality and event management programs when applying for college. It has always been a passion area of mine.” For the newly appointed director of sales at metroConnections, that determination has paid off. 

Her clear headedness serves her well with clients and events. “They say event planning is one of the top five most stressful jobs,” Wolf laughs. Wolf knows event planning can be stressful, but finds that a focus on enjoyment makes things go smoother. She reminds her team not to take themselves too seriously because at the end of the day, their jobs are to make people feel good and have fun and they should do the same. In her personal time, Wolf is currently training for a triathlon, and recently ran a half marathon. When she’s on the clock, though, she knows she’s doing something important. “We are in the business of making people feel good, and it’s special to be a part of that.”

The recent honoree of Connect Corporate’s 40 Under 40 is well spoken and insightful. Her attention to detail is apparent even in her language, and certainly in the events she creates. After taking a moment to gather her thoughts, she explains what event planning means to her. “When people talk about creativity, they translate it as graphic design or painting—visual stuff,” she says. Wolf affirms that she is visually creative and appreciates a challenge in that department. However, “with events there is another form of creativity, and that is within the logistical planning,” she says. Determining how to schedule sessions, organize custom arrivals or fit an event into the allotted physical space takes creative power, too. 

She plans to utilize that logistical creativity as she navigates her new position. As director of sales, Wolf plans to focus on engaging with industry trends, enhancing metroConnections’ partnerships and improving client relationships. 

For Wolf, as for most event professionals, success is always measured by the client. “When the attendees are walking away and talking about what a good time they had or about something cool they’ve learned—when they go home and tell that story to three or four people, you have created an experience and a memory,” she says. 

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