• Minnesota-Based Shops and Local Talents Make Personalized Gift Giving Easy

    Getting Personal 

    FROM THE Summer 2018 ISSUE

    Hagen and Oats’ Minnesotashaped chalkboard.

    <p>Hagen and Oats’ Minnesotashaped chalkboard.</p>
  • Minnesota-Based Shops and Local Talents Make Personalized Gift Giving Easy

    Getting Personal 

    FROM THE Summer 2018 ISSUE

    Mother-and-daughter team Debbie and Brittany Travis of B+D Custom Crafts.

    <p>Mother-and-daughter team Debbie and Brittany Travis of B+D Custom Crafts.</p>
  • Minnesota-Based Shops and Local Talents Make Personalized Gift Giving Easy

    Getting Personal 

    FROM THE Summer 2018 ISSUE

    A gift set from B+D.

    <p>A gift set from B+D.</p>
  • Minnesota-Based Shops and Local Talents Make Personalized Gift Giving Easy

    Getting Personal 

    FROM THE Summer 2018 ISSUE

    Sisters Anna Hagen and Nikki Hollerich, owners of Hagen and Oats.

    <p>Sisters Anna Hagen and Nikki Hollerich, owners of Hagen and Oats.</p>

If giving gifts is not your love language—and even if it is—many people still feel the pressure to make their gift stand out. You want to give a gift that says, “I really put thought into this,” as opposed to a gift that says, “I was really crunched for time and had no clue what to get you.” Thankfully, there are plenty of shops featuring personalized and customized products that will not only cater to your specifi c goals, but can also take away some of the pressure. And the best part? Getting these gifts can be as easy as stepping into your own backyard or clicking “Add to Cart.” 


Debbie and Brittany Travis were just a mother and daughter with a passion for personalized gifts and helping others. In September 2017, both women left their careers in finance and advertising to work as full-time entrepreneurs of B+D Custom Crafts, an online-based craft and gift company. 

“In an age where everything is mass produced, we’ve found that a lot of people want to find a way, but don’t necessarily know how, to create something that’s custom and one of TREND REPORT GIFT GIVING a kind,” says Brittany. “We’ve done all of the work on the back end so that our clients can skip to the fun part of ‘making’ and easily assembling their gifts.”

B+D offers all-in-one crafting kits, gift sets and party décor. Everything sold at B+D focuses on the customer’s ability to personalize and tailor the product to their specific needs. Below are just a few of their most popular items: 

Crafting Kits

B+D’s crafting kits give clients all the materials they need as well as step-by-step instructions to complete a creative project. Brittany, the daughter of the mother-daughter duo, designs the crafting kits. However, the script word cutouts and symbols featured in the kits are made of high-quality MDF wood, sourced from Minnesota.

“We work with several partners based in the U.S. to compile our party décor, notebooks and office supply and monogram product lines,” says Brittany. “Our clients’ needs always come first, and personalization is at the center of what we do, so we’re flexible."

Many of B+D’s organization-based clients have used wood cutouts to create logos or short phrases while also utilizing the crafting kits as a way to create team-building and icebreaker activities for groups.

Gift Sets

While many companies may predetermine what items come in a gift set package, B+D compiles its top-selling items from each product line and lets customers choose every personalized item for their gift set. This allows customers to keep the recipient of their gift in mind and make decisions based on the individual’s preference. 

The “Everyday Gift Set” is B+D’s most recent line. Suitable for those who want to say “thank you” or give their clients, coworkers or friends a simple gift, the “Everyday Gift Set” options include items like notebooks, keychains and custom tumblers. 


“Shop. Move. Find.”

That’s how Meet Minneapolis describes Minneapolis Visitor Information on Nicollet (located on Nicollet and 5th Street). Their retail component, Love From Minneapolis, encompasses the “Shop” portion of the tagline.

Love From Minneapolis is a Minneapolis and Minnesota-themed shop, but when it comes to types of customers, exclusions don’t apply. “Out-of-town guests are pleasantly surprised to find unique, locally made products to take home as a keepsake,” says Janet Miller, the creative director of Love From Companies. “People who live in the area are happy to support their community by shopping at a locally owned retail store, buying locally made products and supporting the local art community.”

Here are three examples of the locally based products and talents you can find at Love From Minneapolis:

Hagen and Oats

Two sisters, Anna Hagen and Nikki Hollerich, created Hagen and Oats—a brand which specializes in custom wood art with a Minnesotan flare. “They focus on impeccable quality and one-of-a-kind uniqueness,” says Miller. 

Made By Kristi (“I am Minnesota”)

Whether it’s prints, glasses or mugs, Kristi Abbott’s I am Minnesota brand combines the love of the North with her love for collage. Abbott utilizes substrates, adhesives, papers and embellishment materials through her designs, while also displaying color, pattern and texture.

Abdallah Candies

Abdallah Candies is a family-owned company with over four generations worth of original recipes. Created in 1909 by Albert Abdallah, Abdallah Candies has remained distinctly family-owned. Miller recommends “Alligators,” a candy made with pecans, creamy caramel and covered with milk chocolate. 

Carly Van Veldhuizen, the mastermind behind Girl Friday’s mesmerizing creative custom installations, talks inspiration, materials and the value of a solid team.


The 2018 Meeting Planners Symposium held at The Graduate Minneapolis and McNamara Alumni Center was all about unique venues and experiences. From a Scrabble team challenge to a mini hackathon, meeting with no walls and a surprise session on a coach bus, this learning opportunity was anything but ordinary. Teams worked together to solve a complex problem and pitch their idea for $500 cash. Through beautiful chaos, attendees discovered fresh, unconventional approaches to do their jobs better.


This three-city area offers lodging, event space—and plenty of free parking.