Take Advantage of Summer With Outdoor Venues

SUMMERTIME IS FINALLY HERE, and now’s your chance to show your guests how spectacular Minnesota can truly be. From the city’s rooftops to the riverfront, we’ve found outdoor venues that will give your guests a breath of fresh air and show the Twin Cities at their very best.

The Skygarden at Crowne Plaza Northstar Hotel

Get to Know Eagan

Population: 64,854

Location: Eagan is located between Interstate 694 and Interstate 35. The city is five minutes from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport; 10 minutes from St. Paul; and 15 minutes from downtown Minneapolis.

Transportation: Many hotels have their own shuttles, which transport to and from the airport. Many also shuttle to the Mall of America. Minnesota Valley Transit Authority provides transportation to surrounding areas, including downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, Mall of America and the light rail. Metro Transit bussing is also an option.

Are You a Planner or Supplier?

AS YOU EMBARK ON YOUR CAREER IN THIS INDUSTRY, you have to ask questions to help define the career path that is right for you. These include questions to others in the industry for information and perspectives, but also questions you need to ask yourself. One seemingly simple question is, "Do you want to be a planner or a supplier?" But in reality, that question isn’t as simple as it looks.

Elevate the Chic at Your Next Event With Rustic Details

From wagon wheels to Mason jars, rustic-vintage is one of the latest trends for renting event furniture.

"Things have moved to such a natural look from pulling in burlap and vintage pieces to bench seating in different areas," says Rhonda DuCharme, sales manager at Midway Party Rental in Minneapolis. "The rustic-inspired theme has been popular throughout corporate events."

Here’s what to look for when planning your next rustic inspired event:

Signature Drink - Harvey Weissbanger

Start the day off right with this twist on a breakfast cocktail from the North Loop’s latest addition, The Freehouse. Opened last December, this brewpub serves its own craft beer alongside tasty fare like oxtail croquettes and lobster toad in a hole. With a combo like orange juice and beer for breakfast, you’re guaranteed a hop in your step for the rest of the day.



-1 oz. Galliano

-2 oz. orange juice

-6 oz. wheat beer

-Orange wheel




1. Combine Galliano and orange juice.

The Value of Mentors

ACCORDING TO MERRIAM-WEBSTER, a mentor is someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person.

While we all might have a good understanding of the basic definition of a mentor as noted above, the question is do you understand the value of a mentor for your personal career path? And have you considered the value of being a mentor yourself?

Brunch Blends Versatility and Fun at Morning Meetings

BRUNCH, IN OUR OPINION, is the best (and most important) meal of the day. Not only is it a treat, as it happens only so often, but there’s something for everyone. Be it pancakes for those craving something sweet or eggs Benedict for those fancying something a bit more savory, brunch caters to every person’s desires. Host your next event amidst syrup, coffee and bacon at one of these mouthwatering Twin Cities restaurants, and guests surely won’t be disappointed. Especially when mimosas are involved.


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