A nonprofessional may be drafted as a full-fledged event planner at any time: a bachelorette party, best friend’s birthday get-together or co-worker’s promotion soiree. These affairs require event planning rookies to brainstorm themed events with fresh ideas. For that dutiful friend-, spouse- or co-worker-turned-event-planner, Salut Bar Américain created Ensemble Events.

“A lot of times Salut will have guests who have an interest in doing some kind of experimental or educational event,” says Kip Clayton, marketing partner for Parasole Restaurant Holdings, the umbrella company that operates Salut, among other Twin Cities restaurants.

The program customizes original events for those who may not know where to start, while utilizing Salut staff’s savvy. “The ensemble idea came about because we have a talented culinary team and a talented front-of-house team who have different expertise,” says Clayton. “Some know Champagnes really well and some know oysters really well.”

The Salut team is available to turn requests on a dime, or provide inspiration from its own event-planning know-how. The program accommodates groups of up to 25 people. “[Ensemble Events] is meant to be interactive,” says Clayton. “It’s meant to be a way to showcase our kitchen talent and chefs.”

Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated oyster and sparkling wine pairing, an elegant wine and cheese tasting or cock-tail-themed dinners, the Edina restaurant can accommodate—even on short notice. Says Clayton: “We have dinners that are customized and designed for groups that can be organized in a day or two’s notice.” 

When executed safely, in-person meetings and events are possible. But it’s been tough for meeting planners across the nation, due to differing state-by-state and even county-by-county guidelines. In some areas, meetings and events have returned a while ago, but for others, it’s hard to imagine what planning a meeting would be like.


In the wake of a total global crisis, the Meet Minneapolis team got to work. 

Connecting the Community

Last summer, as communities across the state reeled, the CVB launched the “We Need Us!” campaign as a rally cry and reminder on the importance of supporting the businesses that make Minneapolis so unique.

“It really came from this question of, ‘How can we support our community that’s hurting in so many ways and make locals feel comfortable making those choices?’” says senior vice president of destination branding & strategy Courtney Ries.


Your team may have worn out the Zoom happy hour, but these virtual team-building options offer ways to connect and engage on a whole new level.