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Sugarlands Shine, authentic moonshine that hails from the mountains of east Tennessee, recently found its way to Minnesota and is now available across the state in stores, bars and restaurants. Sugarlands Distilling Company stays true to Tennessee’s rich history; grains are ground in an artisanal stone mill and mixed with Smoky Mountain water and every batch of moonshine is distilled six times. The 40-proof Blockaders Blackberry smells like a mason jar filled with jammy preserves and the 100-proof Silver Cloud pairs well with storytelling, camping chairs and good friends.

—2 sugar cubes or .5 oz. of simple syrup
—1 oz. Sugarlands Shine Silver Cloud
—1 oz. Sugarlands Shine Blockaders Blackberry
—1 fresh mint sprig

1. Muddle mint leaves and sugar in glass.
2. Add moonshine to mint and sugar.
3. Fill glass with ice.

Courtesy of SUGARLANDS DISTILLING CO. | 865.325.1355

As the number of vaccinations across the country increases, the amount of live events and gatherings will hopefully rise with it. However, that doesn’t mean the way people gather will go back to normal instantly: there may be an adjustment period before bars, theaters, stadiums and churches are all full of people again.

 Spacing, social distancing, and creativity will be vital for planners and venues in the meantime, and tools like staging, seating, and more will be crucial for the execution of these.


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