“Whether you love winter in Minnesota or hate it, a good winter drink can make the season more enjoyable. My favorite winter drinks are a whole category of cocktails called Flips. A cousin to the eponymous eggnog—but so, so, so much more delicious—Flips incorporate heavy cream with a whole egg, spirit, and sugar to make a dangerously delightful drink.

“For this drink, I wanted to showcase some local ingredients, since we have so many wonderful local producers. I chose 11 Wells Distillery, who have taken up residence at the old Hamm’s Brewery in the east side of St. Paul, because they have been in business long enough that their aged spirits are starting to get really good. Plus, their newish Orange Curaçao is a must-have for my bar all year round. Also, I’m a huge fan of Gray Duck Chai. It’s produced by a married couple I used to work with and the only thing I like more than them is their chai. Their Burnt Sugar & Ginger concentrate is something that gets me through the holidays. For this recipe, I used it instead of water as the basis for making a simple syrup; I’m going to keep that in the fridge all winter long to spice up all sorts of drinks. Just warm up the concentrate and mix it with an equal measure of sugar.

“This cocktail is perfect before or after dinner, or as a late-night nightcap by the fireplace. It’s the perfect balance of slightly boozy, orangey, ginger chai-spice, frothy goodness.”

—1 oz. 11 Wells Bourbon
—1 oz. 11 Wells Orange Curaçao
—1 oz. Gray Duck Chai Burnt Sugar & Ginger Simple Syrup (equal parts sugar and chai concentrate)
—1 oz. heavy cream
—1 whole egg

1. Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake without ice for 20 seconds. Your goal is to add air to the drink to make it nice and fluffy.
2. Add a couple of ice cubes and shake for 15 seconds more.
3. Strain into a glass and garnish with a candied orange slice.

Courtesy of Chris Myers, head mixologist at Liquidmotion Liquidmotion LLC

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