Ward 6’s signature cocktail is representative of the east side of St. Paul—a cultural blend of Asian, Hispanic and European flavors. The ginger and cilantro combination came to co-owner Bob Parker in a moment of inspiration in the produce market at the Hmong Village. With ginger and cilantro muddled together, vodka as the base, St. Germain elderflower liqueur as a modifier, fresh lime juice to add some acidity, lychee juice for body and volume, and a thin sliver of jalapeño to garnish—you’ve got a real taste of St. Paul’s Ward 6.

—1 tsp. fresh ginger
—4-6 sprigs cilantro
—1.5 oz. vodka
—.75 oz. St. Germaine
—1 oz. fresh lime juice
—2 oz. lychee juice
—1 jalapeño slice

1. Muddle the ginger in a mixing glass, then add cilantro and muddle.
2. Add ice and vodka, St. Germaine and lime juice.
3. Shake and strain into chilled 8-oz. cocktail glass.
4. Top with cold lychee juice.
5. Garnish with a sliver-thin slice of jalapeño and a cilantro leaf.


As the number of vaccinations across the country increases, the amount of live events and gatherings will hopefully rise with it. However, that doesn’t mean the way people gather will go back to normal instantly: there may be an adjustment period before bars, theaters, stadiums and churches are all full of people again.

 Spacing, social distancing, and creativity will be vital for planners and venues in the meantime, and tools like staging, seating, and more will be crucial for the execution of these.


—1.5 oz. Royal Foundry Craft Spirits Gin
—16 oz. nonflavored tonic
—4 apples, sliced and cored
—2 cinnamon sticks