• Singer-songwriter Pete Ford Makes your Special Event One of a Kind

    FROM THE Winter 2016 ISSUE

    Strike a cord. 

Project Pete Ford is a one-stop music shop for any occasion: birthdays, weddings, Secretary’s Day—you name it. Since launching his business last year, Ford has written hundreds, if not thousands, of personalized serenades: first, selling them as last-minute presents to holiday shoppers at Ridgedale Mall in Minnetonka, and increasingly to corporate clients. 

From on-site performances to commercial jingles, Ford offers custom packages for a range of requests. He’s often asked to perform at award ceremonies. From his time at malls, he can compose a melody in just 15 minutes— though for events he asks for at least a week (usually, he gets closer to a month). Recently, Ford also began offering song-writing workshops to promote office collaboration. An event can include a live performance—often with audience participation, followed by a lyric-writing session.

“The goal is to use music as a way to get people to express their opinions and emotions, to have fun working together, to take in new perspectives,” says Ford. “It provides different ways of communicating, collaborating and just a way to open up new pathways.”

Located in both the North Loop and Northeast Minneapolis, Bartending by Drew offers an array of libations to kick off the spring season. Whether it’s a wedding or a corporate team-building event, owner Drew Atkin offers signature drinks to match any event’s aesthetic.

“Our opportunities lie within providing visitors with unique party options,” says Atkin. “Our services allow guests to have fun and experience something out of the ordinary whether it be with friends or co-workers.”


Housed in a former factory, the adjoined restaurants—Popol Vuh and its fast-casual counterpart Centro at Popol Vuh—share an entrance but diverge on fare and focus. Centro, a bright, festive quick-service taco bar offers fan favorites like ceviche, Nopales and pescado (fish) tacos, and colorful craft cocktails, including the Electric Bunny—a striking neon pink prickly pear caipirinha. 


Breaking Conventions and Setting New Standards