• Sweeten Your Meetings with NOLO Donut Cart’s Mobile Donut Bar

    FROM THE Fall 2019 ISSUE

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Show every sweet tooth at your next meeting some deep-fried, sugar-coated love with NOLO Donut Cart, a mobile donut bar that is available anywhere and everywhere across the state of Minnesota. The North Loop-inspired cart is customizable for every event, from baby showers to corporate meetings.

Jessica Baker, founder and co-owner, first had the idea for NOLO Donut Cart while she was working as a product photographer for a local donut shop. In April 2019, she and coowner Cole Anderson opened for business.

“It’s not just a bunch of donuts on a platter; it’s two friendly faces, a bunch of delicious donuts that we make for each person, and it’s an experience that everyone is going to remember for years to come,” Baker says.

NOLO Donut Cart offers themed donut bars including Chocolate Chunk, Death by S’mores, Extreme Cereal, Strawberry Shortcake and seasonal options. This fall, Baker says you can expect to see pumpkin or apple flavors. Add-ons like Wesley Andrews Coffee and donut holes also are available.

Baker says when they first started NOLO Donut Cart, they wanted to make sure that booking was the easiest part for planners and clients. The four-step booking process can be completed online.

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