• Turn Imagination Into Reality with EverBlock

    POSTED September 7, 2016

Add a creative touch to your next event space with EverBlock, a building system comprised of oversized plastic blocks that can be constructed into nearly anything imaginable. Blocks come in a wide variety of colors, ensuring the ability to match any logo or theme, and they’re environmentally friendly in addition to being easy to set up and take down.

EverBlock offers a great solution if a venue doesn’t have a desired event space design, giving event professionals the opportunity to format space in a way that is entirely original. Blocks can either be rented or purchased globally. Design and installation services as well as consultations on large-scale or complex projects are also available through EverBlock.

Sponsored by Ruttger's Bay Lake Lodge

When you’re looking for a theme for a retreat or meeting, don’t look to Pinterest or into an old manila folder labeled “Event Themes.” Instead, look north, as in “Up North.” Below are a handful of ideas to turn an ordinary business meeting into an unforgettable, pine-scented, log-cabin-on-a-lake, s’mores-by-the-bonfire traditional, Up North getaway. Your group will love it, don’t ya know.

Idea 1: Walleye Shore Lunch