Like many hotels, Radisson Blu Mall of America has made many adjustments and improvements since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to keep guests and staff healthy. The Radisson Blu’s team has concocted several ways to keep the food and beverage scene interesting for groups that utilize the property’s more than 26,3000 square feet of meeting and event space. Here are a couple practical solutions that caught our attention, including three with interactive moments complete with costumes, music, lights and special touches. 


•               Serving in small vessels that can be used for takeaway, grab and go.

•               Having individualized tray service where each person pre-orders their meal and is served their own tray with entrée, drink, salt, pepper and utensils to limit contact. 

•               Offering Blu to You, a service where guests order what they want to eat prior to a meeting and it is packaged in a to-go bag that is picked up after the meeting. 


•               Oatmeal Brulée Station - Chefs wear face shields and use blowtorches to top off the oatmeal with flavor and flair.

•               Water Doctor Station: Staff dress up in scrubs, gloves and masks, and guests can order everything from blueberry to mint infused water.

•               Old-Fashioned Soda Station – Similar to a malt shop scene, this setup features ice cream and boozy treats with music and costumed staff. 

As co-presidents of Eureka Recycling, a social enterprise dedicated to demonstrating that waste is preventable—not inevitable—Kate Davenport and Lynn Hoffman want to help planners think beyond recycling bins and compost collection.


Explore the funky-urban vibe at the center of everything.


Baldamar’s location—next to the Von Maur in Roseville Center—might give the wrong first impression. The hip, fine dining restaurant is a fresh concept to the area, one that could easily fit into a more foodie-centric area. Randy Stanley, owner of 6Smith in Wayzata, calls Baldamar a legacy restaurant that just happens to be next a mall (he similarly describes 6Smith as a restaurant that happens to have a lake attached). “I’ve always liked this part of the Twin Cities,” says Stanley. “I love the thriving, local community.