• What Does an Emerging Leader Need to Succeed?

    FROM THE Winter 2015 ISSUE

    Emerging leaders and senior industry professionals sum the answer up in a word cloud.

This summer Meeting Professionals International’s World Educational Congress was held here in Minneapolis, where we got to showcase our city to the industry. At a reception for emerging leaders hosted by the Global Emerging Leaders Community, I used the VoiceHive app to ask all the attendees one simple question: In one word, what does an emerging leader need to succeed in this industry? The responses from both emerging leaders and senior industry professions were combined into a word cloud. The more times a word was entered, the larger it became. The word cloud was displayed live all night and the responses were fun to watch.

One thing I found while talking about the question with people was that the responses were very similar whether I was talking to an emerging leader or to a senior professional. That tells me that engaged emerging leaders know what skill set it takes to make it in this industry. That is a good sign for both emerging leaders and the industry; those coming up the ranks will be prepared for what awaits them.

I was also struck with the positive nature of everyone’s response, compared to the more negative messaging we hear about young people trying to enter the workforce as a whole. I could comment more, but in this case I think the word cloud should stand for itself.

Julie Ann Schmidt, CMP, CMM, is the founder of the Global Emerging Leaders Community (GEL). GEL is a one-stop shop for all things in the industry geared towards emerging leaders. The organization is a portal that gives emerging leaders with zero to seven years in the industry help to embark on their career path. 

With the fast-paced speed of events, follow-up is often forgotten, or the effort put forth is minimal. As the event host or planner, devoting more time and resources to the follow-up offers many benefits yet to be tapped by the broader event planning community. Professional event planners are experts in logistics, details and the experience, and often solely focused on executing a flawless event. Their engagement ends when the event ends.


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